About Chef Aleandro Brown

Chef Aleandro Brown is The Founder/ CEO of Food Fusion 95 Caribbean Cuisine. He is taking the world by storm with his unique take on his exquisite tropical infused flavours of the Caribbean. His passion for cooking comes from his strong Jamaican Heritage where he was born. He then travelled to London where he studied level 2&3 professional cookery Apprenticeship at Carshalton College in 2013. 

He completed his placement at a local Gastro Pub, The Sun, in Carshalton and also won the proud apprentice of the year Award. He progressed further and started working for renowned Chef Gordon Ramsay for four years, which drastically changed his life forever. After working at some of Gordon Ramsay’s most prestige restaurants he wanted to explore other opportunities. 

Aleandro took it to another level and worked at some of London’s best Michelin starred restaurants and Hotels such as The Ritz London, The Connaught, Helene Darrose, The Savoy and Sketch to name a few.

With all the experiences and knowledge, he had gained over the past 10+ years, he decided to have a platform where he could share ideas, recipes and most importantly share his culture through the seasonal exotic foods he fell in love with at a tender age of 6. 

He bought his first Food Trailer during the Covid 19 pandemic which was a massive success and now caters for all events. Chef Aleandro Brown also teaches Masterclasses, Corporate Dinners, private Chef to many High profiled clientele and caters for all events. This was how Food Fusion 95 Caribbean Cuisine was born my dear Friends.


Chef Aleandro Brown

Chef Aleandro Brown were trained by Chef Gordon Ramsay and has more than 10 years experience in field.