Masterclasses in person or Virtual Classes

Whether you are fed up of creating the same dishes, or you are bored at home and would like to enhance your cooking abilities, Our Food Truck Masterclasses or our virtual lessons at Food Fusion 95 Caribbean Cuisine is the perfect solution. All you need is ingredients, space to cook and a device connected to the internet or if you wish to use our Custom made food Truck for the occasion, we will bring everything you need.

With the help of our 3 Michelin star trained Chef Aleandro Brown you are in the best hands for learning any new skills. Not only will our lessons help to pass the time as you learn, but you can continue to practice your newly found skills in between lessons too. You can enjoy our virtual cooking lessons alone or with your family, work colleagues and friends, as you have fun making your favourite dishes that you can eat afterwards!

How do our Virtual & Food Truck Cooking Lesson Work?

If you are interested in virtual cooking or our Food Truck masterclasses, firstly get in touch with our team at Food Fusion 95 Caribbean cuisine. You will speak to our head Chef Aleandro Brown who will discuss foods that you like and dislike, so he can put together a bespoke lesson plan for you. He will ensure that every lesson is based on what the individual wants to learn or improve on, so you can enjoy a focused and beneficial lesson.
Our virtual cooking lessons will last around 2 hours long and usually consist of cooking a main course, starter or dessert. If you want to learn a more complicated dish, the lesson can be extended to accommodate this. Not only are these lessons perfect for learning new skills, but everyone can have fun together if they are taking part in a big group! Everyone can take part with our virtual cooking lessons but the Food Truck is limited to Four pupils. The options as to what you want to cook are limitless. Whatever you want to eat, we can create the virtual or in person lesson to match, as everyone can have fun cooking in the comfort of their own kitchen or in our professional Customised Food Truck.

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